Brandon Real Estate – The Long Rise in Growth

When one considers the manner for which cities and towns grow it is amazing to see how some fall short of this average while others exceed this figure. Brandon Florida real estate market is one of those that have far exceeded the average.

The Greater Brandon vicinity represents one of Florida’s fastest raising neighborhoods in not only Florida but America as well. Brandon is a youthful type community preferring to focus on its economic development as well as towards its community centered programs. These efforts have created a feeling towards the town where anyone would definitely be proud to be a resident.

Brandon’s history stems back to January of the year 1857 as John Brandon made his arrival at Fort Brooke from the state of Mississippi. Along with him he brought his wife and his six young sons. He originally settled his family in the Seffner area; however in August of 1858 he purchased 40 acres within the New Hope vicinity south of SR 60. These 40 acres was to become the home of the future Brandon Florida.

Nine years after his wife past away, John gave everything he had to his son James Brandon. He then packed his bags and relocated to Bartow. In the year 1876 James constructed a home in Brandon which remains today under the name of Stowers Funeral Home.

John Brandon in the meantime remarried Victoria who was a widow and the two returned to the New Hope region in 1874. John then purchased 160 acres and renamed his land Brandon. Their new home was built upon the corner of Victoria and Knights Street. Within the next four years John donated land for use in constructing New Hope Church. The church was the first church located in the town and actually served as the cities first school also.

Victoria assumed a foremost role within the community in 1886 upon the death of her husband John. It was in Victoria’s home that the community’s first post Office was initiated when she assumed the role of postmistress.

Since these early times Brandon has continued to prosper and grow. From its first general store years ago to its unique shops of today the population for Brandon and its neighboring communities have risen to about 178,808. Brandon has progressed to a community composed of youthful professionals who commute to nearby Tampa on a daily basis. Fifty percent of the population has incomes in excess of $75,000 annually.

Although Brandon has develop into a primary urban area it has not lost that friendly, home town touch that started it’s grow cycle many years ago. It has created several public schools, corporate centers and malls are frequently being started. Brandon represents the ideology of community spirit with a small town atmosphere. You can still be greeted with a smile and a handshake when meeting someone in Brandon. It has progressed to a community that one can be proud to be a member of.

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