Designing and Building a Dream Home – Things to Consider

Designing and Building a Dream Home – Things to Consider

In general, custom homes are more expensive than using existing blueprints or buying a home that’s already built and upgrading it. There are many factors that go into each project, however, so one shouldn’t completely write off the possibility without doing a little research. Still, custom home builders’ blueprints are likely thousands of dollars more expensive in most cases.

Land Costs and More

Once the costs of the land are added in, one will really see the price skyrocket. Of course it depends on the place and realtor involved. Just like buying an existing home land price depends on how long it’s been on the market, the seller and any negotiations. Next there will be land surveys, building permits, and the costs of architects or custom home builders, interior design, building materials and more. These costs can quickly get out of hand if one doesn’t have a great budget and stick to it.

Due to the fact there will be hidden costs and surprises, it’s advised that those delving into custom home builders should set aside about 10 percent of the overall planned cost for emergencies.

Be Patient

These homes are a project that requires tolerance and patience beyond measure. It can take up to a year for the perfect, custom home to come to life. Don’t expect everything to work out as its planned on paper; things such as materials arriving late or damaged, utility hook ups having issues and the like should be taken into consideration. It doesn’t mean it will happen but to be ready for the worst and hope for the best is smart.

Making Decisions

Decisions will be plenty! What part of custom homes do the future owners do themselves, and which will be done by the home builders? Other questions include:

  • How many bedrooms and baths?
  • How many floors?
  • Paint colors
  • Flooring choices
  • Kitchen appliances, cabinets, countertops and even knob styles
  • Where will light switches be located?
  • Fans, HVAC, solar power or all three?

As anyone can see this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to decisions. Those building homes should be ready to answer these and more and be ready to handle the stress of decision-making through the entire process. The best custom homes builders will get to know the buyers and get a sense of their style and tastes to help them out. They’ll offer samples of everything from plumbing fixtures to lighting and guide them to the best choices.

Do Some Research

When using a home builder, one can research candidates through the National Association of Home Builders, U.S. Green Building Council, Better Business Bureau and of course via online blogs and forums. It’s also wise to ask friends and family as well as coworkers if they’ve heard of any good builders or the builder in question.

It’s also okay to ask for referrals from a builder of custom homes. Check the referrals on their website but also speak directly to people who have had a home designed and built by them; this allows for questions that pertain to the unique situation, and helps immensely.

For those that decide These homes are too expensive, there’s always the option of semi-custom homes. This includes choosing a plan that’s already drawn up and change it a bit to meet personal desires. Regardless, custom home can definitely meet one’s needs in many ways that buying pre-owned doesn’t.

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