Effective Casting Call Tips

If you are looking forward to playing a part in a movie or to get a role in an upcoming production, a casting call is definitely what you should look for. Whenever there is an upcoming production, a casting call is usually released to inform the public or casting agencies on the need for actors and actresses to play the roles. It can be through online bulletin boards, word-of-mouth, or including industry trades.

The most convenient way to learn about it is when you have an agent. Casting agencies are most of time the first one to receive the information about the upcoming calls. Although there is a big chance for someone to land a role with their connection to a casting agency, there are still a lot of aspiring actors that will not consider it because of the fees that these casting agencies usually charge to their members. But things are a little bit sweeter if you are an experienced actor with good feedback and relationship with production companies and even with your agent. Chances are they will be one who will look for you to audition for the call.

When you prepare for a call or an audition or screening, the first thing that you should consider is to come well prepared. Time is very important for the entertainment industry. With only a very small amount of time, you must be able to showcase what you can offer to them. Your confidence will help you go a long way.

Some of the things that you need to bring with you include a resume and a recent photo or a headshot of you. You must also know the correct address and time for the audition. Making a plan route can also be really useful. Remember, time is important so the earlier you arrive, the better! Do not ruin your image by coming in late for an audition.

It is also advisable if you will do background research about the production company and the producers. You must have the knowledge on the projects that they have worked on and must be able to identify its genre. You must also know what they are looking for specifically.

You must also know how to dress for the part. It is not necessary to wear costumes unless it is stated. Most of the time, you will only be required to wear either business, casual, or smart casual attires, so dress accordingly.

A lot of the young ones these days dream of becoming an actor or an actress. Unfortunately, there are a lot of unscrupulous people who will take advantage of this. You must be able to identify fake and legit calls for audition or screening as there are cases of casting calls that requires nudity.

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