For Your Safety Tips – Install An Organized Electric Wiring Layout

For Your Safety Tips – Install An Organized Electric Wiring Layout

The electrical wiring layout is the physical connections and outline of an electrical system or circuits. A wiring diagram is its graphical representation that features simple images of components and standard symbolic figures.

An organized layout of the wiring system in your home is necessary for assuring electrical safety. Moreover, it will help you know the power loads the breakers are rated with and their assigned control switches.

How to Install an Electrical Wiring Layout

The key to designing a good setup is to have the right planning. You have to figure out which part of your home is assigned to what function and the placement of the electronic devices and appliances. Only then, it will be possible to work out a functional design.

Know the locations. A household must have some electronics such as AC and refrigerator that will draw more current than others. If it’s a workspace, there will surely be large pieces of electrically powered equipment. You should have dedicated circuits for those heavy machines.

Figure out the total number of electrical outlets. Most people end up realizing that they need more power terminals than what they had estimated. So, the best solution is to install additional receptacles in the circuits so that you are never out of enough power sockets.

Install the GFCIs. The ground-fault circuit interrupters are a must for affirming the electrical safety in wet locations. They cut the power to the circuit when there is a power short. They reduce electrical hazards significantly.

Determine the best height for the receptacles. You will need to install them at heights comfortable for you to reach. For example, place them at the waist or desk height if you don’t want to bend over to plug or unplug everything. On the other hand, a knee height makes sense for items such as floor lamps, TVs, etc. If it’s a workshop, install them higher on the wall than in a home setting. Such a place uses lots of small power tools, and higher outlets are convenient for plugging and unplugging such equipment.

Use separate circuits for lights. Even if the breaker of a wall outlet trips because of overload, the lights will remain on.

Label the switches in the breaker box. It’s necessary for emergencies when you don’t need to waste time to figure out which switch controls what circuit. The labeling will also help during upgrades or reinstallation of electrical wiring.

The Final Words

Installing an electrical wiring layout is not the job of an amateur. Leave it to an expert electrician who will know the best about the placement and installation of the instruments. However, you should be a part of it to have a better understanding of the electrical system of your house.

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