How to Remove Stretch Marks?

Are you hiding your stretch marks? You will not be doing the same when you get the solution. Right! I am here to provide you with the easiest solution that can be followed by the common human being. No surgery, no pain and no stretch marks. You may under go a treatment through laser kind of things if you are affected severely. I don’t think you may need those things in the earlier stage of marks.

Many of your questions about stretch marks will finally land in the question of how to remove stretch marks? Many possible solutions are there in the world for this is not a fatal problem. Let me give you some of them with out pain and surgery.

Use of Creams and Lotion :

Creams and lotions are cosmetics that have proved to remove stretch marks. The function of those products will be to penetrate in to the skin and induce the production of elastin and collagen. In some condition were dryness of skin prevails, the cosmetics will lubricate the skin in the outer surface it self.

You will feel the essential of creams with vitamin E enriched oils when you suffer from stretch marks. Tocopherol is very much needed to condition the skin layers. There fore the traditional method of using oils like olive oil and emu oil is in practice. This will remove the stretch marks and also enhances the beauty of skin and its color.

Some of the common brand of creams and lotions for stretch marks are the bio stretch mark cream, Tri LASTIN, Palmer cocoa butter cream and purity cream.

Use of Oils :

Oils are the traditional medicine that is found to cure most of the skin diseases. They have the power to get in deep in to the skin layers and command them in synthesizing the essential products for skin and also act as catalyst in the process. Some of the oils that are used in the stretch marks treatment are olive oil the most common oil, flax seed oil and other oils rich in vitamin E and have the capacity to produce elastin and collagen.

Some of the functions of the oil are (1) Providing elasticity to the skin, (2) lubricating the epidermal surface of the skin, (3) efficient growth of skin and (4) adding color and beauty to the skin surface.

Use of Surgery:

Surgeries are very much effective in treating the stretch marks. This will be the real answer for those who ask how to remove stretch marks when they are seriously damaged by stretch marks. Treatments like dermabrasion and laser surgery are working but there will be a little pain to be experienced in the case of dermabrasion. This is one step ahead of the normal laser surgery in providing results. How ever laser surgery provides result with no pain to be experienced.

I hope the above provided answers for the quest of how to remove stretch marks will be helpful to you in some way. Remember the fact that they are proven treatments.

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