No Credit Car Loans – Car Loan Approval with No Credit History

Getting an approval for a car loan when you have no credit history can often times be almost as difficult as getting a car loan approved when you have bad credit. There are things that can be done, however, which will improve your chances of finding a no credit car loan.

Ask your employer for a letter of reference – Include your length of employment, your current gross wage and your current net wages.

Prepare a personal payment history. Included in this history should be a list of all the bills you pay on a monthly basis which are not reported to the credit agencies. Ask your landlord for a letter of reference. Utility companies will also generally provide you with payment histories. If you have any small installment accounts at local retailers which don’t report credit, ask them for credit statements as well.

If you don’t already have one, open a checking account – Have your paycheck sent to your bank via direct deposit if your employer offers this service.

Open a savings account at the same institution as your checking account. Authorize a regular deposit into your savings account out of your paycheck. Link your savings account to your checking account to limit the possibility of an overdraft.

While you are shopping for the car you want and for a lender, set aside additional savings specifically for a down payment on your car.

Once you have taken these steps, you are ready to approach a lender for your no credit car loan.

The first lender you should approach is the financial institution with which you have your checking and savings accounts. Many times banks or credit unions will work with customers who have no credit histories if their accounts are in good standing and they have some sort of down payment.

When shopping for your car, look for dealers who offer credit for first time buyers. You must approach these dealers with caution. Sometimes they will inflate the car prices or charge exorbitant interest rates. Make them aware that you are looking at several lenders and will be comparing their proposals.

Allow your payment to be debited from your checking account – This may help compensate for the fact that you don’t have any credit history for the lender.

Arm yourself with knowledge. Know what the current interest rate is for the most credit worthy applicant. If you have sufficient income, a down payment and no negative credit your interest rate should not be significantly above that rate.

Be realistic about the type of car you select. You may not be able to get your dream car but there are many late model, low mileage cars for which you can qualify when seeking approval for a no credit car loan.

Most importantly, after you have successfully obtained you auto loan, make your payments in a timely manner. Do not overload yourself with debt and don’t have lenders constantly making inquiries about your credit. By following these simple rules, the next time you look for a car loan the process will be much easier.

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