Organization: Why a Closet System Is a Smart Investment

Organization: Why a Closet System Is a Smart Investment

We’ve all see the overflowing closets in cartoons — doors trying to burst open as articles of clothing, baseball gloves, and bowling balls squeeze through the cracks. Many real-life closets, while not as bad as the animated world leads on, are still terribly unorganized and can be just as overwhelming to look in. A messy closet usually takes form when there was very little organization and order to start; no specific places to store certain items, leaving the closet owner to throw things wherever they’ll fit in hopes that they’ll “clean them up later.” That doesn’t normally happen, causing a bad closet to get worse over time. If this sounds like your storage space, it’s time to look into a new method of organization.

One smart way to tidy up your closet is by investing in a closet system. These types of systems utilize a combination of hanging racks, shelves, and drawers to give all of your clothing items their own special spots. For instance, there might be some shelves specifically for shoe storage. You might also have a rack to hang your ties on. Some closet systems work a dresser right into the system, which provides even more storage space for pants, t-shirts, socks, and other items of clothing. Most importantly, these systems encourage you to get into the habit of putting things back where they belong after you’re finished with them. In the long run, being more organized means it will likely be easier to find what you’re looking for, which can help reduce stress and improve your quality of life.

Installing a closet system can also free up a lot of space in your home. These systems use a good bit of vertical space, as opposed to taking up floor space, and use that space efficiently to organize and store a fair amount of your clothing and other items. Since the space between where the top of a typical chest of drawers and the ceiling is rarely used to its potential, this can be an advantage to installing a closet system.

Search the Web and look for some word-of-mouth recommendations for companies who specialize in closet building and closet system design and installation. When you find a reputable company, don’t hesitate to have a system put in your home. You’ll probably feel much more organized, and you’ll likely find it easier to get into the habit of putting things back where they belong.

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