The Beauty Of Porcelain Door Knobs

The Beauty Of Porcelain Door Knobs

Do you remember the doorknobs of yesteryear? They were not always the smooth brass that we see today; they were stylish and beautiful. The shiny porcelain would stand out against any shade of wood.

Although there was once a long process to creating and then firing porcelain, it is now simpler and less expensive to do so. Unfortunately, most homeowners are use to the standard brass doorknob and overlook the beauty found in the porcelain. However, if you want to make some simple changes to your current decor, there is nothing more appealing to the eye then porcelain. It is never dull or difficult to blend with your current decor. It is easy to join a look with a simple doorknob.

There are several different types of porcelain doorknobs to choose from. Below is a brief summary of each one and how you can tie them into your current decor.

White porcelain

These doorknobs were once very popular in the past. Today, they are becoming popular again. The white porcelain allows precise designs to be fired onto the doorknobs before they are permanently set and consumers are loving this feature. If you are using a theme in your room, you may find a doorknob to go along with that theme. Place the white porcelain doorknobs on the exterior doors as well as the interior.

Porcelain Door Pulls

You can use door pulls to enhance the look of your room. These pulls were usually found attached to the tables, cupboards, and drawers and today they are still being used for that purpose. It’s important to be creative when using these pulls because they can be used as part of your decor so you would include them as you would a knick-knack on the shelf.

Antique porcelain Door Knobs

These doorknobs are very important in today’s home decor because they are still beautiful and easy to use. They offer simplicity and can balance a look in the room. You can purchase antique doorknobs from online sites, antique stores, and professionals who tear down old houses.

When using these decorations, you have several different choices to make. If you want to create a homey feel to your room, add an antique porcelain doorknob. If you want a sophisticated look, add the modern style white porcelain. The door pulls would look great in your kitchen, dining room, or your living room.

If you are using the porcelain doorknobs on the exterior doors, place a light colored outdoor rug by the door to enhance the look of the door and the doorknob. You can also use colored flokati rugs in your living room and use the porcelain door pulls on your entertainment center, an old dresser in the room, or if your side tables have drawers as well. Your possibilities are endless when it comes to using porcelain doorknobs in your home decor. This is the best way to create a new look without going overboard. They are simple, affordable, and absolutely beautiful.

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