Updating Your Home to Sell in a Down Market

The current housing crisis has many home owners worried that they may never be able to get the full value out of their properties. However, it is possible to sell for a profit in a down market, with a few upgrades and some slight remodeling. Your important task is to keep your costs as low as possible and get the best upgrades possible. Here a few tips that will help you economically upgrade your home and guarantee that you’ll get interest, even in a down market.

1. Focus on upgrades that really matter, such as appliances that not only look modern, but function well. EnergyStar appliances are an important selling point, since they operate for pennies every day. Anything that you can add that will help a future home owner save money will benefit your chances of making a sale. Thermador, Wolf and Viking offer many such appliances that can modernize a kitchen while bringing the value of your home above the rest.

2. For kitchen remodels, include professional features. In addition to adding energy efficient appliances, you may want to follow the current trend of adding professional cooking surfaces and refrigerators to your kitchen. Again, this creates a perceived high value for your home and can interest those who have always wanted the perfect kitchen but never had it in their own home. In most cases, if there is any room that will sell the whole house, it is the kitchen.

3. Bathroom remodels matter too. If you can turn your bathroom into a pleasant oasis of comfort, you only increase your chances of selling your home, even in a down market. Pay special attention to features such as a spa tub or a freestanding shower. These are very modern and home buyers will appreciate the lengths that you have gone to keep your home up to date.

4. Lighting matters. If you have older light fixtures, these should be upgraded throughout your entire home. This will help give your home the illusion of more size and will showcase all the changes that you have made. Don’t forget to use the dining room are your lighting showpiece. A high quality chandelier says a lot about a home and can really complete the whole luxury package.

5. Refresh your entire home. Painting every room in neutral colors will give your home a fresh look and help brighten everything up. If you have a room that is particularly small or uninviting and it can’t be fixed with paint, consider hiring a contractor to knock down a wall, or turn the room into something else entirely.

6. Invest in high quality surfaces for your kitchen. New countertops can really make the difference in a kitchen. Consider installing a solid surface countertop that will be a conversation and selling point for any buyers. The benefits of these surfaces can really entice a buyer who may otherwise be on the fence about your home.

These are just a few ideas that you can implement to improve your homes appeal and value. Check with a local contractor to see what other options you may have. Even in a down market these tips help separate your home from the ordinary to extraordinary.

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