Why Having a Realtor Is Best When Looking At Homes For Sale

Hiring a realtor can be a lot like asking for directions; it’s something many of us don’t like to do, even when we know we need the help. There is no shame in hiring a realtor. Much like a lawyer during trial, a real estate agent is your advocate in the real estate market. They will help root out potential problems, check the homes’ history, and could even find the right contractor for almost any job.

Numbers Don’t Lie

The right agent could be your “man on the inside.” They know the ups and downs of the market and will have the ability to get you the best possible deal on the home or homes for sale of your choosing. You’ll want to know factors like how long other properties have stayed on the market, the cost of comparable homes per square foot, and a comparison of how many were listed versus how many were sold. With this information in hand, a realtor could provide you with a BPO (broker price opinion) to show what other houses have gone for in the area. Armed with this knowledge, along with your financial concerns, they could prepare to fight for the best possible price.

As your advocate, the real estate agent will negotiate not only the price for the property but also any possible repairs. It isn’t always the case, but addressing your concerns with your agent could literally save you thousands just on repair costs alone.

The Vault of Secrets

Realtors are pros when it comes to paperwork and phone tag. Save yourself some mental anguish and let them handle the ten plus pages of mind-numbing legal jargon. They will know if something is missing and it will give them the ability to educate you on what the other side is offering. This spares you the time to prepare for that move and ensures that misunderstandings will be at a minimum.

The biggest asset your realtor has is their vast network. At the tap of a phone, your agent could set up an appointment with a home inspector, contractor, or other professional. Many realtors have relationships at their disposal that would afford any buyer or seller hefty discounts or, at the very least, a more than fair price on a job well done. Of course, if you have a preference, they will go with what you would prefer, but it is always best to seek what they have to offer when it comes to homes for sale.

Straight To The Point

Having someone on your side for any major transaction is just smart business. When looking at homes for sale, it’s good to know what you’re getting into before making the final decision. Hiring a real estate agent is like having a personal assistant to do the research, answer your calls, and wrangle the paperwork for your house shopping until the completion of your sale. They will answer questions on everything from the neighborhoods to the closing costs, personally escort you through as many properties as you’d like, summon contractors and inspectors from their hard-earned network, and make certain that when all is said and done you were able to get the best possible deal with your ideals in mind.

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