A Working Actor’s Guide to Success

A Working Actor’s Guide to Success

Tired of going on auditions and not getting the jobs? Read these useful advises from The Call Back King to increase your chances “dramatically”.

At the beginning of my career I went to all the auditions and casting calls I could find. I was determined to learn and succeed as an actor. The problem those days was that I did not have a clear understanding of the entire audition process and that alone was reducing my chances to get the jobs.

Once I understood the process, things started to happen. I remember in one occasion an agent telling me to focus exclusively in getting a second chance, instead of focusing on getting the final job. That was a powerful advice and at the same time difficult to grasp.

I will try to sum up some of the basic points that have helped me land more than 80 commercials as principal actor in less than 10 years. I am sure it will make it easier for you to get that next role.

Here it is:

-If you were given a script, read it a least 20 times. Memorize your part and know it like you now your name.

-Show up at the casting office at least half an hour earlier than your call time. Seat down by yourself and study your script some more until you are call inside.

-Bring a professional Picture & Resume (PR). Make sure it has all your personal information as well as the information of the agent that submitted you for the audition.

-Dress appropriately for the role, but be careful not to go overboard with props and clothing. Keep it simple but accordingly.

-When you go in for your turn, walk straight to the mark in front of the camera and wait for the instruction from the casting director.

-Say your name (slate) looking directly to the camera. If they ask you for your profiles, turn to the left first keeping your head straight and looking to the horizon. Then turn to the right and do the same. Finally turn back to face the camera. This process should take no more than one minute.

-Enjoy your performance which I m sure you will after reading that script so many times.

-Focus only on getting a call back (second audition usually in front of the producers and decision makers) and not on getting the final job.

This will improve your chances next time.

Good luck!

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