Laguna Beach Real Estate – An Overview of the Property Market

Many people dream of living in a warm and sunny place with gorgeous ocean views. This is exactly what Laguna Beach has to offer. The city is situated on the California Pacific coast in Orange County between Dana Point and Newport Beach. The place is known as a popular resort, but it might also be the right place to live. You should definitely learn more about the Laguna Beach real estate market – what properties are available and what the current price trends are.

In terms of location, there are properties scattered all over the coast. You will get great ocean views. The proximity of the beach is also an advantage. The Laguna Beach real estate market is full of properties elegantly tucked in the hills surrounding the ocean side. These are also great choices, especially for those who value the peace and quiet and their privacy. The city has good infrastructure. Both public and private schools are available to families with children. As a vacation place, the city is full of restaurants and shops. It is also known as one of the popular art hubs in California.

There are different types of properties available on the Laguna Beach real estate market. It is possible for buyers to find apartments and small houses in different neighborhoods of the city. However, the market consists of detached homes primarily. In fact, most of these are large custom properties with various indoor and outdoor amenities. Buyers can select from traditional houses built as far back as the 1950’s and brand new ones that have contemporary architectural and interior design styles.

Most of the high end properties in the city are organized in oceanfront communities. Three Arch Bay and Montage Properties boast with exclusive locations, luxury and excellent amenities. Laguna Village and Emerald Bay are also popular for their high end houses and amenities, even though they a more relaxed atmosphere. One of the popular communities in the hillside of the city is Laguna Canyon.

It is worth discussing the Laguna Beach real estate prices in greater detail. The current trends show that they have adjusted down to the 2004 levels. This is probably the reason why buyer demand has increased significantly over the course of the last few months. In fact, the largest number of offers comes for low end apartments and houses that sell for less than $600,000. This has resulted in a slight increase the actual sale price.

The situation with the high end homes is similar. The prices range from $900,000 and up, with many properties selling for a little over a million. Realtors notice a slight reduction in prices formed by the current market trends. In addition, the imposed restrictions on large mortgages also push the prices down. Furthermore, the competitiveness of the market allows a lot of room for negotiation making it possible for buyers to lower the asking price significantly.

Overall, it can be safely said that now is the time to make a move on the Laguna Beach real estate market, as a buyer.

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