Make Your Home Charming With Country Home Decor

Make Your Home Charming With Country Home Decor

Whether you live in the city, on the beach, in the mountains, the dessert or out in the country you can make your house, apartment, condo where ever you call home more homey with some country home decor. A country themed home never goes out of style.

What is country home decor you may wonder, well it really depends on your own taste and has a wide span. For some great country decor ideas, look at some country magazines or online. I grew up on a ranch, working cattle and riding horses, raising every kind of farm animal you can think of. Now that I am raising my own kids, I have always kept the country life they love it and their friends always say how comfy our home is. My kitchen is of medium size with red and white checked curtains, an old oak table. On a shelf that runs all the way around the top of my kitchen I have a glass butter churn that has been passed down from generations, it is probably about 150 years old, and we still use it on occasion, there is also old metal milk cans, very old iron skillets, old tin log cabin syrup cans you get the idea anything old or old fashioned.

My living room, keeping with the country home decor, has an old lasso hanging on the wall along with a lovely old board off of my dad’s old barn that I varnished and have a mixture of very old barbed wire strands attached to it. There is a collection of old spurs hanging on the wall around it. Another wall has many of the boards that are attached together that have all of our friends brands burnt into them. My furniture is older brown leather, worn looking and comfortable. Photos of my family and friends out working cattle, along with scenic photos of the mountains with cattle and wild horses that have been blown up and framed hang on my walls. I have an old cowboy boot that I have put a vase inside of, and keep fresh flowers in.

So as you can see you can have a very charming, rustic comfortable home with the country home decor even on a budget, if you just use your imagination. There are many places to purchase country home decor online, or stores that specialize in such. I have found most of my country home decor at yard sales, thrift stores or made it myself.

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