Upgrading A Public Gym For Residents

Upgrading A Public Gym For Residents

Families interested in engaging in some kind of physical activity such as running, swimming, weightlifting or gymnastics often look for a gym to lend them equipment and facilities for these activities. For most parks, an indoor gym serves as a spot for families to take their kids to engage in some type of physical activities. Some communities may not provide all the desired facilities individuals may want, such as a swimming pool, indoor track or even a weightlifting room. If you are a community civil servant, you may discover that you have extra cash in your budget to renovate your local gym, but you may be curious as to which restorations will look the best for a gym.


The basketball court inside the gym may have sufficient space for multiple games to run simultaneously, but the floor inside makes the gym appear older than it really is.

Most residents may detect the poor state the wood floors are in, and while most indoor gyms probably have the same wooden floors since the day they opened, it might be a good idea to retouch the floors. Of course, employing a contractor to retouch the floors will set you back a few thousand dollars depending on the size of the gym, but the life it adds back into a gym is well worth the cost. Contractors will take off the old paint from the floor, re-sand the wood and paint the floors with a new color or its original color. Just think how new hardwood floors will match the bleachers spread throughout an indoor gym.

Exercise Equipment

You may have etched out a room inside a gym to house a cardio and weight room big enough to contain a small arsenal of equipment. The equipment for a cardio/weight room will also set you back a few thousand dollars depending on how many machines you end up buying, but if you have a grant writer on staff, you can have him write to local equipment resellers to donate merchandise. When you get the cardio and weightlifting machines, you can use the room and equipment to have classes or provide access to all neighborhood residents who are interested in promoting their health.


Pool plaster for floors and pool siding may be a cheap alternative, but over time the plaster will chip and create ugly cracks seen from above water. The cracks from the plaster can irritate swimmers and produce cuts on their toes and feet, and in a pool full of chlorine can make for some minor pain. If you see multiple plaster chips on the sides and floor of the pool, you may be better off hiring a pool plaster contractor to repaint the pool. With a freshly painted plaster on the floor and sides of the pool, swimmers will love the smooth finish against their toes. Other likely pool upgrades may include the purchasing of lifesaver rings, life vests and grandstands for spectators to enjoy water polo games or swimming events held inside a gym.

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