Xsitepro, is this the only Honest Review on the Internet?

Xsitepro, is this the only Honest Review on the Internet?

Unlike many of the Xsitepro reviews that you might find on the Internet, this is a fully unbiased review that does not include a single affiliate link. You see, it is my opinion that you can not properly review a product if you are hoping to encourage people to click through via your affiliate link in order to earn you a commission. It’s fairly obvious, that if you’re looking for affiliate commission, your review is going to be good, this means that it is not a fair review.

First off, let me explain what Xsitepro actually is. It’s a product that is aimed at people without a technical background who would like to have the freedom and flexibility to launch multiple web sites. There are a number of reasons why people would like to do this, most notably to create a web site that can be used to launch or sell a product, earn affiliate revenue or make money from contextual advertising, such as Yahoo Publishing or Google Adsense.

The reason why Xsitepro is so powerful, is that someone without a technical background is able to launch a fully fledged web site within just a few hours. This means that you are only limited by your ambition and time.

To give you an idea of how easy it is to create a new web site, I have provided this walk through below. However, it is very much worth pointing out that the tutorials and documentation provided with this product are excellent. This is very important as it ensures that you’re able to realise your return on investment much quicker if you can leverage the full capabilities of the program.

Creating a website in Xsitepro.

  • Simply open your Xsitepro program and select “Add Project”. As you’d expect, this creates a new project, you can name this and add notes. You can also include your project description and add your keywords.
  • Highlight your new project and select “Add web site”, you will then be given a choice of 4 different web site layouts. These include, a blank web page, graphical sales letter, sales letter and affiliate templates. Upon selecting any of these choices, you will be presented with multiple choice of Xsitepro templates.
  • For this example, I will select a blank web page, once selected you will be asked to provide a name. Once you have decided upon a name, you have the option to provide the following web page details, title, description, keywords, author, copyright and other notes. You can complete this immediately, or come back to it at a later date.
  • Across the top of your console, you will see the following tabs, website information, page layout, web pages, other and publishing details. Our next step is to select web pages, this is the page that we can add new pages, product pages, article pages, external links or simply import multiple pages into the system. It is possible to create 1,000 page web site by simple importing your keyword list via the multiple page option, Xsitepro will even capitalise the words if you choose to include them on your navigation bar.
  • For each page that you create, you have the option of checking a box should you wish that page to appear on the navigation bar, page footer or site map. For the actual page content, you can choose a traditional HTML view, or you may prefer the Design view which is similar to a word processor. If you have content in other programs, you can simply cut and paste into your page.
  • A very unique feature with Xsitepro is that it helps you to create pages that are search engine friendly. Each page that you create is measured for SEO effectiveness, this means that your “On Page SEO” is always taken care of if you follow the suggestions made by the program.
  • Once you have created your pages, you might want to include your AdSense code or other affiliate links such as Amazon. In Xsitepro, this is as easy as right clicking. Once you have added your AdSense and affiliate link information to the program, you simply right click and “Add AdSense Code” or “Add Snippet”.
  • Now that your site has content and links, you might well be ready to upload your site. Again, in Xsitepro this is very easy. Before Xsitepro came along, I always had enormous difficulty uploading web sites, this all changed very quickly.
  • To upload a site, you need to do the following, enter your domain name, home directory, FTP Server, username and password, once entered, you select “Tools” and “Publish” . That’s it, your site begins to upload and you’ll be online shortly.
  • Obviously, this describes building a very simple web site and uploading it to the Internet. The objective of explaining how to create a web site in Xsitepro was to give you a sense of how easy it is. The real benefit of this product is taking advantage of all of the other features and functions. Don’t worry, you do not need to be a technical wizard to get the hand of these, you’ll pick them up quite quickly and before long you’ll be creating stunning web sites.

    Once you start to gain a little bit of experience from using Xsitepro, you may identify what I consider to be the only real weakness of the product, that is the lack of templates that are available out of the box. It is possible to create original templates for yourself, however this requires a certain amount of artistic flair and knowledge of a program such as Photoshop. Unfortunately, these skills were not handed to everyone.

    Fortunately, there are great companies out there that are starting to provide great Xsitepro templates. These are usually available via download and you can simply import these templates into your own Xsitepro program, this allows you to build your content around the new template.

    One of the better companies offering these templates is Xsiteprotemplates4U.com, they already have a wide selection of templates available and are adding to their portfolio on a daily basis, so there should be something there for most people, best of all is that these fun and original designs will not break the bank.

    I hope that you found this review helpful. I plan to follow this article up with some more detailed tips and tricks and how to really start to get the most of this great product.

    Oh, in case you have not already guessed, I think that Xsitepro is a great product. Their sales page does not do it justice at all. Whether you’re technical or non technical and currently use Dreamweaver or Frontpage to create your web sites, I fully recommend that you look into Xsitepro. There’s a one year guarantee, so really there is nothing to lose!

    Good luck.

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    Xsitepro, is this the only Honest Review on the Internet?

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